Product review: Kokoso Baby – premium organic coconut oil review

I can’t remember how I first came across Kokoso organic coconut oil but as soon I opened it I knew I was going to love it – it smells so yummy! And even if it didn’t agree with my little ones skin I would use it for myself. And I have!


So before I purchased this product I started doing a little research into how Kokoso came about – a mum on the hunt for a skincare product to give relief to her little ones skin. I could really relate to that, which I’m sure a lot of parents can. But I wanted to ask the question that I’m sure a lot of fellow parents want to know the answer to also. What makes this product different to the  everyday coconut oil that you can get in the supermarkets for a lot less money. The response I got completely convinced me that I needed to try this product. I couldn’t put it as well as it was put to me but in a nutshell – an organic product that isn’t over processed or manufactured, and a product that retained all the important natural nutrients that would help our little ones skin. Each coconut is carefully selected and handed picked  – and better again from an organic family run farm in Thailand! (I just love that, organic and family run business – just fab)


At the start I just used it on my little ones tummy to slowly introduce this product as that’s his least sensitive area. His skin has really been loving it. I’ve had lots of emollients from ointments to creams and lotions and this is by far my favourite texture. It’s so easy to apply – scoop out a little and let it melt in your hand and spread over the skin. You don’t need much so I imagine this pot will last me for quite a while. For us the best time to apply this is after the bath and I’ve even tried a scoop of it in his bath water too as we are struggling to find a bath oil that agrees with his delicate skin! There are also lots of other uses for this product from cradle cap to baby acne.


The packaging is good, easy to open, easy to read and it’s very clear what this product is and who its targeted towards. But like I said, it’s good for mummies too – I can vouch for that. What I would really like to see from this brand are more products – we are really struggling to find a bath oil, and would love to see something like that in the range.

So if you are a parent or guardian of a little one who is having some skin issues with sensitive skin, eczema or baby acne then give this product a go. I purchased this online and got it delivered to my local Boots for free. Use the Boots website to check if there are any stock in your local Boots and if not like me then order it online and collect in store for free. But your baby doesn’t have to have skin issues to use this product, I would recommend this for all skin types as it’s natural and kind to skin!

For lots of other information, useful tips and reviews check out their website –

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps someone on the hunt for a new baby skincare product.



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